Meet the Team

Eric Yaillen

CEO & Founder of MegaFluence Method

Eric, otherwise known as the "Marketing Technology Wizard", approaches business, strategic branding and marketing communications by applying his nearly 40 years of notable experience.

He has worked on everything from sports and fitness, to entertainment and technology industries. He has done this with everyone from solopreneurs to Fortune 100 companies. Eric created the Brand Identity Lifecycle Framework™ and The MegaFluence Method™.

An early adopter when it comes to technology, he got his first computer in 1984, just days after it became available to the general public. Since then, he has seen the value of automation and what computers can do in business. Eric was the sole computer user among 40 regional marketing directors. He was the most productive, least overworked and one of the top performers year in and year out, all because of automation.

From there he went on to join a small software startup in the golf industry where he supported and created systems for the world renown PGA of America. He even started his own software development company, creating websites and the first windows-based member management system for the health/fitness club industry. Returning back to the golf industry, he became a leading industry pioneer in social media.

Now, Eric focuses on bringing entrepreneurs of all skillsets to their "Next Level" through automation, education and inspiration.

Ryker Riley

COO & Co-Founder of MegaFluence

Ryker is an exceptional entrepreneur and innovator who has made his mark in various fields. Growing up with Forbes Riley as his mother, he learned the skills to be a successful entrepreneur early on.

Throughout his academic journey, Ryker consistently excelled and proved himself as a top-performing student in the most rigorous high school program globally, the International Baccalaureate Program (IB). His dedication to learning and his drive to succeed, led him to Babson College: widely regarded as the number one entrepreneurial college worldwide.

Ryker Riley, an accomplished speaker, has graced stages nationwide, including a notable appearance before the US State Department of Intellectual Property, where he discussed the potential of web 3 technology.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Ryker showcased his resilience and business acumen, achieving an astounding 75x return on his investments in NFTs and cryptocurrencies. He has a strong ability to adapt to market changes and seize emerging opportunities.

Motivated to make a lasting impact, Ryker transitioned from investing to building. Today, as a co-founder of Megafluence, he leverages his vast knowledge and experience to revolutionize business, audience connection and influence.

A Career at MegaFluence

MegaFluence is a fast, dynamic company that is always looking for new talent! Do you have experience in marketing, page building, support, sales or copywriting? If so, you might be able to find a job with us! Click the button below and submit your application today!